BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni+ Conical Fermenter - 7 Gal1
BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni+ Conical Fermenter - 7 Gal2

BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni+ Conical Fermenter - 7 Gal

$ 1.050.000

additional leg extenders. Mount an elbow, a sight glass, or the Flex Chamber underneath the dump valve and still have room to spare.

Extra Beefy Handles
We don’t recommend lifting and moving a full conical, but it may be necessary at some point with the help of a friend. The handles on the X1 Uni feature molded silicone over stainless steel for a solid, comfortable grip, and are uniquely designed to stop half-way when they swing out to protect fingers from being crushed.

Adjustable Feet
The standard thread-in feet enable the conical's stance to be adjusted to compensate for uneven flooring. Quickly and easily adjust the fermenter if the brewery floor isn't completely level. The feet can be swapped out with our high-quality casters at any time.

Other Features We Love:

  • The Blowoff U Barb extends outward and points down to prevent blow off tubing from kinking
  • Etched volume markers on the interior read in gallons and liters
  • Stainless steel lid clamp with single-piece molded silicone gasket
  • Optional Heavy-Duty Rolling Casters
  • Optional Pressure Fermentation Kit

X1 Uni Conical Features:

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Mirror polish finish
  • Welded tri-clamp ports
  • Single-piece lid clamp
  • Pressure-ready with built-in 15 psi PRV
  • Internally etched volume markers


Gross Volume
Net Volume
Overall Height (in.)
Overall Width (in.)
7 gal
6 gal
14 gal
12 gal
27 gal
24 gal
42 gal
37 gal



Volume Specs:

7 gal
14 gal
27 gal
42 gal
Recommended Min. Batch Size
2.5 gal
5.5 gal
12.5 gal
12.5 gal
Volume to Reach Thermowell
2.3 gal
5.16 gal
11.93 gal
11.93 gal
Volume to Reach Sample Valve
0.2 gal
0.43 gal
0.92 gal
0.92 gal

Recommended minimum batch size is based on the volume needed to submerge the thermowell, allowing you to use a temperature controller to maintain fermentation temps.


Temperature Specs:

Ambient Temp.
7 gal
14 gal
27 gal
42 gal

The above chart represents the maximum drop in temperature you can expect based on the ambient temperature. For example, with the 7-gallon model in a 60°F environment, the lowest temperature you can expect to acheive is 38°F or 22°F less than ambient. This data was gathered using glycol at -6°F. Full temperature drop my take 36 to 48 hours.

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